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YES, You Need To Take IELTS To Study In UK!



The English language requirements to study in the UK remain the same, despite the UK recently introducing new immigration rules for foreign students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System. International students still need to prove that they have adequate English skills. The IELTS remains the preferred test accepted by almost all higher education institutions in the UK.


Indian students should first check with their chosen university or college the minimum English language ability required for admission. If the university or college has asked for proof of English language as part of their admission requirements, the applicant needs to provide the same documentary evidence to the visa officer when they lodge their visa application. The documents they send to the UK University for admission will also be seen by the visa officer and if the visa office isn’t convinced with the documents the case may get rejected.


The recent reports of fraudulent documentation have caused the testing process of IELTS to lose credibility. All IELTS test centers follow a detailed Code of Practice ensuring the highest standards of security throughout the testing process. Candidates are required to provide their passport as identity proof during registration. They are also required to carry the same on the day of the test. In addition, IELTS test centre administrators are extensively trained to detect imposters and fraudulent documents.


Both, IELTS and TOEFL determine English language ability for admission to international institutions. Students are at loggerhead over which is the better test to take. Most candidates prefer IELTS because it is a written test and they can interact in person for their speaking module. The TOEFL test however, is internet-based and oral proficiency is tested by speaking to a computer.


IELTS is recognized in over 2,000 UK universities and professional bodies whereas TOEFL is more popular in the US. Many institutions and recognizing authorities prefer IELTS and feel that the test gives a more accurate indication of a candidate’s English language proficiency. Not surprisingly then, more Indians take IELTS than TOEFL.


IELTS training institutes have been burgeoning all over the country. The IELTS partners are not responsible for controlling the quality standards of these training institutes. However, there are many training institutes in India that do a commendable job in preparing candidates for the test. Candidates usually hear of the notorious institutes through the grapevine and avoid the same.


The IELTS score requirement is established by the universities or colleges, not the IELTS partners. Some universities or colleges accept slightly lower band scores, but follow it up with English language training for students before they start their formal studies abroad.


Several popular exams are receiving the computer facelift. Although work continues on creating a computer-based IELTS test, the pen and paper version will continue due to its popularity with the teast takers.


Students applying for further studies in an English speaking country must have the required English language ability for success their objectives. Of late, there has been an increase in the number of UK visa application rejections. Hence, students must thoroughly check the educational qualification requirements listed by the college or university they wish to apply to.


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