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GRE 2011 Exam – Tips & Strategies for improved GRE Score

  • Before you appear in this test know the sections of the test, the type of questions asked in each section, how many questions are asked in a particular section and the time allotted for each section.
  • Attempt as many GRE practice tests and GRE sample tests as possible, as they will familiarize with the general level of the questions that are asked in GRE exam and the directions for questions.
  • Read the instruction carefully before attempting a question in the actual test.
  • In the Analytical Writing assessment section, there are two questions one is “Analyze an Issue” task and one “Analyze an Argument” task, analyze the issue and write your views on it. But, don’t start writing pros and cons of the issue. Since, it is your views that have been asked for, be specific and write only about your viewpoints.
  • The second essay in the Writing Assessment section is the Argument task. It does not offer any choice. You will be given a topic, which you have to critically analyze and evaluate and determine whether it is well-reasoned or not.
  • GRE tries to adjust the test according to the level of the candidate. The first few questions are of medium level. If you answer it correctly, you will be asked harder questions. The incorrect answer will lead you to easier questions.
  • In this new pattern of computer adaptive test, it allows students to edit or change their answer and skip questions, all within a section, and use an on-screen calculator.
  • Optimizing time is very important in GRE. You should be aware how much time you can devote on one question. You need to set your pace right. Rushing or sticking to a question for too long will cost you valuable scores.
  • Sometimes, you will find a question similar to what has already been asked in the test or in another section of the test. However, often these questions have substantial or subtle modifications and require different answer. So, pay close attention to the wording of each question before you decide on an answer.
  • Lastly, you may consider canceling the test scores immediately after taking the GRE exam or quit the exam, so that the scores do not get noted in your permanent record. Unfortunately, you have to do it before you can see the test scores and the fees of the exam will not be refunded. This will also mean that you will have to gain register for the exam and pay the fee, to be able to re-take the exam and send the GRE scores to your chosen universities.
  • If you do cancel your GRE scores, this will be noted in your official GRE score report.

It is not allowed to cancel the scores of only one section of the test.


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