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GRE Dates & Deadlines

GRE 2011 Exam- Important dates



    • While we know Sept-Dec is the busiest time other factors include:
      • People needing to take the current test before August 1st in order to get their scores before November
      • The August-September discount period will also be a busy time.


    • Test takers should know the following important dates:
      August 1st First day of testing for revised test
      August 1st -September 30th Save 50% on your test fee. Scores sent by mid-November
      October & November Check the special score reporting schedule on if you test during this time
      December Score reporting returns to regular reporting period, 10 – 15 days after test date


  • To select a final test date please register on, by mail or phone
  • If you take the GRE revised General Test during the special discount period of August – September 2011, your scores will be sent by mid-November.
  • If you take the test in October – November, check the detailed score reporting schedule ( gre/revised_general/scores/get ) to know what day your scores will be sent.
  • Score reporting returns to the regular reporting period of 10 – 15 days after test date, starting in December.
  • Paper-based scores are sent to students within 6 weeks following a test date.

GRE Fee’s

To find out about test registration fees, please visit-

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